Capital Workspaces presents The HUB

Scott Sedar, Artist, Actor, and Teacher

November 09, 2022 Mark McMahon Season 1 Episode 14
Capital Workspaces presents The HUB
Scott Sedar, Artist, Actor, and Teacher
Show Notes

Scott Sedar is a local artist, teacher, and actor whose oil paintings or watercolors have been published in the Washington Post,  grace the homes of his patrons, and are now - we are honored to say -  featured in the hallways of Capital Workspaces. 

Scott's art and artwork adopts the neorealist tradition by focusing on portraying society and the world around us in all of its honesty: "Art is a social phenomenon. We share the larger, social context of Art, the greater field in which I work. Art is yours and mine.  In a very real sense, it’s up to you, my patrons, to say, to define it. " - Scott 

He has served as Teaching Artist with The John F. Kennedy Center of Performing Arts for over 18 years, working at various schools throughout the DMV and performing community outreach.

As an actor he has been performing throughout the DMV for over 27 years. His latest role is in the The Rainmaker which is set to debut on November 17, 2022.  See below for more details:

For more information on Scott Sedar, see the links below:

The Rainmaker - 1st Stage 

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